Submit Your Events! We’ve Got a New Event Posting Feature Here on

Sooooo... what are you guys up to?

We really don’t want to come off as lazy, but we’re pretty excited about our new self-submit events calendar here on the Vancouver magazine website.

It’s not that we don’t love doing the work of hitting the pavement to get the hot news about the arts and culture events (it’s good exercise!), but even the greatest reporters appreciate a great tip. Just think: Woodward and Bernstein wouldn’t have broken the Watergate scandal if a mysterious source hadn’t bravely stepped forward with some news they didn’t know they needed. You could be that type of hero, for us! Only it’s hot tips about your cool music show or play speed-dating event instead of whistleblowing on Nixon!

So help us help you. Upload details about your upcoming event to the free Vanmag events listings calendar. It’s not just a way for us hard-hitting journalists to get the latest scoop, but a place to invite the world to come check out your one-woman show, food festival, art opening, drop-in beach soccer tournament or corgi convention.

We’re just kicking things off, so it’s a little sparse now, but with your help, the Vanmag events calendar could be the place to find all Vancouver’s culture events in one place.

How does the Vanmag Events Calendar work?

If you’ve ever uploaded an event listing anywhere else on the world wide web, it’ll be a pretty familiar process. We just need a few details from you—the what, the where, the when (whether you share the “why” and “how” is up to you) and an image.

Okay, you’re wasting precious time reading this post when you could be promoting your event, which we’re sure is very cool and we can’t wait to read all about it. Get started on your free Vancouver event listing here!