Summer Seafood Boil



Citrus up. Lemon wedges are good for quick squirts of flavour, and to act as a quick hand cleaner. Spread them all over the table.

Go big. Invest in a large stockpot. It doesn’t need to be fancy and it can be used for boiling crabs, lobsters, spot prawns and corn.

Recycle. Remember that deep-frying turkey machine you bought four years ago, used once and then parked in the garage? You now have your outdoor seafood boiler.

Boiled Dungeness Crab Recipe

6  2-lb Dungeness crabs

To clean crabs, place shell side down on cutting board, cut in half, remove top shell, then clean and remove gills. Drop cleaned crabs into well-salted boiling water for 13 minutes. Remove from water and serve on a large cutting board with a crab mallet.


Corn on the Cob with Chili Lime Butter Recipe

6–8 ears of corn, husked
½ cup butter
3 limes, cut into wedges
2 tbsp dried chili flakes
Coarse sea salt

Pre-heat barbecue. Add corn to boiling water. Cook 3–4 minutes then remove, pat dry with paper towels and grill on barbecue for 4–5 minutes (moving around with tongs) until there are some nice char marks. Roll corn in butter and sprinkle with chilies and salt. Serve with lime wedges.

 (Recipe by Murray Bancroft)