Vancouver Attempts World Record for Biggest Ball of Cat Hair This Summer (Seriously)

Meowfest is asking Vancouverites to save their cat's hair to contribute to the record-breaking furball.

Given our doom-and-gloom media landscape, it’s nice to hear some positive news every now and then. But this isn’t it.

On Saturday August 19, organizers at Meowfest are aiming to break the record for the world’s biggest furball in Vancouver. That means they’re asking festival attendees to start yanking hair out of their cat’s brush, preserving it, and eventually to bring it to the venue (Rocky Mountaineer Station, which is where we had the 2022 Restaurant Awards… gotta respect a venue that’s versatile enough to host the best chefs in the city and a massive ball of cat hair). The attempt at the world record is hosted in partnership with Bailey Cat Co., makers of a cult-fave cat brush.


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Meowfest is, if you haven’t guessed, a festival that celebrates all things feline—think cat-focused celeb guests (Purrsenters this year include vets and social media stars), cat-related vendors and speed dating for cat people. Who, let’s face it, get a bad rap. But trying to build a gigantic ball of cat hair isn’t helping.

Okay, jokes aside—we respect the truly unhinged ask, Meowfest. We hope that you break a world record, encourage folks to brush their cats regularly and earn some of the strangest bragging rights in human history. May the balls be ever in your furvour.

To contribute to the hopefully record-breaking furball, collect your cat’s hair and bring it to Meowfest on August 19—tickets are available here.