5 Things You Need to Have in Your Earthquake Emergency Kit

The essentials you’ll need to survive the Big One.

Though having a doomsday bunker to retreat to in an emergency would be nice, it’s just not realistic with these real estate prices. In- stead, we’ll have to rely on a well-packed emergency kit to get us through those first post-quake days.emergencykit_food


1. Items that won’t spoil, such as canned goods, energy bars or dried foods. We hope you like fruit leather.



2. At least two litres per person per day. You’re going to need a few more S’well bottles.

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3. Crank or battery-powered flashlight—for navigating your way through the likely power outages. Please try to refrain from shadow puppetry.4. Crank or battery-powered radio. Your fave drive-time DJ probably won’t be there, but it’ll be handy for weather and disaster alerts.5. First aid kit. (Bonus points if you’ve taken a first aid class and actually know how to use it.)