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Le Cirque de la Nuit

For the Le Cirque de la Nuit troupe the true intrigue of carnival life was what came after the final curtain call, as performers and musicians let loose to embrace the mystery, madness and creativity that fuel their surreal world. This diverse team of artists, performers and organizers came together as one unified collective to further explore this twisted underbelly and share their own interpretation through their unique series of nightlife experiences.Since 2012 Le Cirque de la Nuit’s outlandish personalities, artistic performers and talented beat composers have been inviting YYC audiences into a dream world that stimulates their senses, bypasses all expectations and encourages them to embrace their inner freak. Following several successful seasons—including Mécanique, The Music Box and this spring’s Aerialis—Le Cirque is turning their latest production into a true travelling show, taking VERADEASI to the West Coast to celebrate the Dawn of Winter at Cornucopia Whistler.