Clifford Soft Goods

Established in 2010, Clifford Soft Goods arrived behind the scenes with their comfortable boxer briefs. The popularity of their cult-fave underwear soon prompted them to expand into leisurewear, which, after a round of Kickstarter, debuts today. We’re happy to report that contrary to what Seinfeld says, these pants do not tell the world you’re giving up. The Leisure Pant brings comfort without sacrificing style (there’s a pocket for smart phones in front, a wallet in the rear) all while maintaining the same uber softness that made the boxers a hit.

Clifford Soft Goods is all about local (manufacturing is not far from their headquarters in Kitsilano) and eco so there’s no need to get your knickers all in a knot: the signature bamboo fabric used for their boxers and now pants is not only ultra soft, but fully sustainable–bamboo trees require no pesticides, only 55 days of regeneration, little irrigation and are completely biodegradable.

Along with an updated version of the popular Boxer Brief and the Leisure Pant, the Cashmere Blanket (stay tuned for its online appearance) rounds out the new Leisure Collection. Time to get comfy and go shop.