Everything You Ever Wondered About Vancouver’s Beaches, Answered

City Informer answers your most pressing beach quandaries.

While you may be able to shake off the sand from your summer spent rolling around the shores of Jericho, what you probably can’t shake are the lingering questions that come up every time you hit the beach: Why does that man insist on taking his pants off to sell buns at Wreck? Why isn’t there a floating McDonald’s available to satisfy a mid-day chicken nugget craving? If I stop spending so much money on buns and wet chicken nuggets, will I ever be able to afford a private beach?

Now that the days are turning cooler and beach season is just about behind us, it’s the perfect time to finally get to the bottom of all those burning Vancouver beach queries. Luckily, VanMag‘s own intrepid City Informer (editor-at-large Stacey McLachlan) has spent years digging deep to find the compelling truth behind our biggest waterfront mysteries… and we’ve compiled them all for you right here. Consider this your ultimate beach read.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Why are there so many bunnies at Jericho Beach?

The short answer: people keep leaving them there, and then they produce like you-know-what. Read the long answer here.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Are Vancouver beaches naturally sandy?

The short answer: sand for most of the beaches was dredged up from underwater, like a little seaside combover. Read the long answer here.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Why is Wreck Beach a nude beach?

The short answer: Depression era folks were too poor for bathing suits. Read the long answer here.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Do private beaches exist in Vancouver (and can I own one)?

The short answer: No and no. Read the long answer here.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Did Vancouver once have a floating McDonalds on a barge called the McBarge… and where did it go?

The short answer: Yes, and now it’s in Maple Ridge. Read the long answer here.

Credit: Byron Eggenswiler

Why does the VPD parking lot have such an amazing waterfront view?

The short answer: It’s just a temporary lot, so you won’t have to be jealous of those squad cars for too long. Read the long answer here.

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This story was originally published on September 8, 2022.