Genius Ways to Spend All Your Hard-Earned Cash

Wild indulgences, smart investments, time hacks and feel-good charity flings…get that fun money ready.

There’s no doubt about it: Vancouver has been riding a financial windfall the last few years, and not coincidentally, there’s been more than a small increase in the number of places available to help distribute the largesse. We put on our monocle to source the best options for making the most of your cash flow via fantastical indulgences, feel-good donations, outsourced chores and investment pieces. Get out your chequebook: we’re going shopping.

How to Indulge ▸▸▸

There’s a time to be financially responsible and then there’s a time to treat yo’self. For those go-big-or-go-home days, allow us to suggest some worth-the-splurge purchases with this big spender’s guide to flashy new toys and Vancouver’s most decadent experiences. 

How to Outsource ▸▸▸

Baubles and bling and gizmos and gadgets are nice, but the biggest luxury of all? Buying more time for yourself. Happiness experts agree: outsourcing is the best way to spend your cash. 

How to Invest ▸▸▸

Want some bang for your buck? Sometimes, dropping serious coin is the smartest play in town—because big-ticket items with timeless appeal can outlast the trends and bring more wealth back your way in the long term. 

How to Give ▸▸▸

You know what else money can buy you? A warm, fuzzy, I-done-good feeling—at least when you’re sharing the wealth (and the love). Charitable donations and purchases that empower the little guy have an amazing return on investment, karma-wise.