Random Acts of Kindness in a Pandemic

It’s not an easy time for anyone right now. As our healthcare system and social distancing works overtime to #FlattentheCurve, these folks have found ways to demonstrate that humanity can show its best side in a crisis, too.

1. One fitness instructor in Seville, Spain, helped quarantined citzens workout from their balconies.

2. This man in the U.S. is sending money to help others with their bills while they’re sick.

3. Arts organizations around the world are offering free streaming of their events—and this Twitter thread is tracking them.

4. Pulp Fiction, Paper Hound and Massy Books will deliver books to those quarantined in Vancouver.

5. 3 of Cups Press will send you free digital books for your self-isolation period.

6. Laura Benanti will be the audience to your cancelled high school musical.

7. And these dogs are super happy.

8. Local artists and comedians (like the Sunday Service) are putting free concerts and shows online.