Reason to Love Vancouver #2: Opera Man is Still Serenading the Streets

Have you heard Opera Man’s Italian arias?

Reports of a beautiful tenor have been common among the west-side set for 35-plus years. On any given day, Opera Man—a.k.a. Francesco Pepita, landlord, poet, southern Italian, hero to us all—can be found on the mean streets, belting out Italian arias as he goes about his life.

Identifying Opera Man: Is he wearing a baseball cap over a shock of white hair? Is he loudly and unabashedly singing opera?

Natural habitat: Sightings have been reported in South Granville, Fairview and Kits, but he once performed on the bus (receiving a standing ovation), so really, he can be found anywhere.

Should you encounter a wild Opera Man: Close your eyes and savour the music. Do not attempt to challenge him to a sing-off.

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