Reason to Love Vancouver #6: Cricket Bars Might be the New California Roll

Why we’re eating these insect-based protein snacks.

The California roll was allegedly invented in the 1970s by local culinary icon Tojo, who introduced sushi to the masses by crafting inside-out rolls with cooked crab instead of raw fish. Coast Protein founder Dylan Jones could be similarly groundbreaking with his line of cricket-based protein snacks. One day we could be chowing down on roasted crickets tossed with chili and lime like they’re nigiri.

One Question Interview with Dylan Jones:

Q: What impact do you hope crickets will have on the Vancouver food scene?

A: Our mission is to normalize insect protein, or eating insects, within Western society. And we’ve chosen to do that through consumer goods like protein bars and protein shakes because it’s an easy format for people to understand and for people to consume, rather than just introducing whole insects or roasted insects. Vancouver is a pretty forward-thinking city, obviously, and it’s a pretty forward food city. We want to be that next company that really brings forward the change in our local food systems.”

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