Thanksgiving Gift Guide: What to Bring to Dinner

For Friends


1. Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Earnest Ice Cream

Skip the turkey and go straight to dessert with Pumpkin Pie Earnest Ice Cream. Creamy, rich flavours of the holiday’s notorious dessert is so delicious it’s safer to bring two. Earnest Ice Cream, 3992 Fraser St.,Vancouver – (604) 428-0697. $11

2. The Game of Things from Drexoll Games

Things to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner with wine aplenty…the Game of Things will make sure conversation is never stilted. A certain crowd pleaser for post-pumpkin pie.  Drexoll Games, 2880 West 4th Ave., Vancouver (604) 733-6511. $39.99

3. Pumpkin Carving Tools (3 Piece Set) from Williams-Sonoma

Tis the season! The perfect way to suitably enjoy the festivities, Williams-Sonoma’s Pumpkin Carving Kit will have everyone joining in on the fun. Williams-Sonoma, 2903 Granville St., Vancouver – (778) 330-2581. $17.99

– By Kirsten Armour

For Family


1. Fabric-Wrapped Soaps from West Elm.

Exuding a rustic sense of charm, these handmade soaps are the perfect gift for any host/hostess. Made in a barn in Buck’s County, and individually wrapped in hand-cut fabric, these fabric-wrapped soaps are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional, with triple the longevity. West Elm, 2947 Granville Street, Vancouver – (604) 733-6730. $7

2. Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters from Old Faithful Shop

This tiny bottle packs a lot of punch. Use as a spicy cocktail mixer to enjoy post-dinner, or if the party gets a little too wild, bitters also work as a handy hangover cure. Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters from Old Faithful Shop. $14.95

3. Woodlot Candle 11 oz from Vincent Park

These little jars of ambrosial heaven are eco-friendly, with cotton core wicks and renewable coconut wax, and last for around 50 hours. The glass jars can also find a second home as home décor containers or whiskey tumblers. $28

– By Alice Chen 

For the Host



1. Fall Arrangements from Nature’s Wonders Florist

With fall in full swing and the leaves turning colour, bring warmth to the home with reds, auburns, and yellows this Thanksgiving. Nature’s Wonder’s Florist, 60 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver – (604) 875-7777. $37 – $300 

2. Vintage Wood Baguette Tray from Pottery Barn

Serve bread, crackers or even the odd sugar cookie in this rustic, hand-carved tray that takes its inspiration from a flea market in California. Pottery Barn, 2600 Granville St, Vancouver – (604) 678-9897. $79

3. Gehringer – Signature Riesling Icewine in Wood Box 2011/2012 from BC Liquor

Honeyed top, focused fruit, green apple, and lime notes wrapped in keen acidity. Perfectly paired with a post-feast pudding. 5555 Cambie St Vancouver – (604) 660-1703. $49.99 

– By Jourdana Ponter