These Photos of Vancouver’s Empty Streets Are Giving Us the Chills

I haven’t been outside in days and days, so it’s hard to know what exactly the world is like out there. Some pictures on social media make it seem like everybody’s just hanging at the beach without me, and friends who are going for lone-wolf runs report having to dodge the still-busy sidewalks of Main Street. But it turns out those public gatherings (which, to be clear, are very much discouraged by Dr. Bonnie Henry) are, in fact, the anomaly: for the most part, the roads are spookily empty and people are doing their best to stay home.

Photographer Anastasia Lukonina (@huds0nhawk on Instagram) popped outside (keeping six feet from others, of course) to capture a glimpse of the deserted urban landscape this strange moment in history. “I feel very hypnotized by an empty cityscape and want to show my vision of these hard times our hometown is going through,” she explains. Check out her snaps of quarantined Vancouver below—now you really have no excuse to leave the house.

Photos of Vancouver During the COVID Crisis