Vancouver, We Made You Some Valentine Cards

Very Vancouver Valentines for your consideration.

It’s Valentine’s Day and we got you a present: some special Vanmag valentines, celebrating our love for you and our sweetheart of a city!

You didn’t get us anything? Oh, that’s totally fine.

Don’t even worry about it.  Like, we didn’t talk about doing gifts or anything, so that’s kind of on us if we were expecting something.

Yeah, we know it’s a corporate holiday and we find romance together every day so why bother doing something special just because society tells us to, totally, right, we absolutely agree.

Anyways. Here are your cards or whatever.

Valentine Cards for Vancouverites

vancouver magazine valentine card wreck beach vancouver magazine valentine card that says let's split a $3000 rent valentine a valentine that says out of all the girls wearing a superpuff, you're the only one for me if you were on the parks board i'd never fire you marry me at kingsgate mall like a seagull with a french fry, you stole my heart let's get stuck in a skytrain car together slam dunk my heart


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