We Asked Vancouverites How They Feel About Valentine’s Day… and They Hate It

Sorry, Cupid: according to a quick Instagram poll, there's not much V-Day excitement this year.

There isn’t really a Valentine’s Day-centric equivalent to A Christmas Carol, but if any high-powered movie execs are reading this, here’s a suggestion: hold auditions in Vancouver. Because—according to a quick, unscientific and uncontrolled Instagram survey I held last week—we are a city full of bitter, love-hating Ebenezer Scrooges. Valentine’s Day Scrooges. Vooges, if you will (you won’t).

As was the case with the Where Vancouverites Have Sex in Public survey and How Many Vancouverites Pee in the Shower survey, please take results with a grain of salt (or sugar, to be festive) and read with caution. Especially if you were expecting a present on February 14.

How Vancouverites Feel About Valentine’s Day: An Unscientific Survey

Of our survey respondents, 23% were single and 77% were in a relationship.

That in mind, I think it’s safe to say that the overwhelming negative feelings towards Valentine’s Day aren’t just coming from single people. A hate for V-day might just be what unites us, coupled or not.

About half of our survey respondents are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, even though they are in a relationship.

When it came to our first question, “Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?” respondents were asked both about their relationship stats and about their plans for the day. 49% of total respondents said “I am in a relationship, no I’m not celebrating.”

If we only count the respondents that are in relationships, 64% are not celebrating. Notably, 5% of single people are celebrating, which was perhaps the most uplifting stat from this survey. (Perhaps they read our How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Solo guide?)

Only 30% of respondents are going out for Valentine’s Day.

That might be good news for those of you looking for last-minute reservations (here’s more than 20 local restaurants that are offering V-day specials this year). 70% of the folks who answered our survey said they are staying in to celebrate—whether that means they are cooking a meaningful romantic meal for their lover or binging The Last of Us alone.

74% of respondents do not buy presents for Valentine’s Day.

This stat, and the one above, might be indicative of what a tough time we’re in financially (though the price of romance-y flowers is somehow not as shocking as the price of cauliflowers). Many Vancouverites are worried about paying for their basic needs, and may have decided that Valentine’s Day presents are simply not a priority. Or maybe they are specifically anti-V-Day, or maybe they are secretly praying that this is the final straw and their partner will end the relationship so they don’t have to. Whatever the reason, gifts aren’t in the forecast for most of us this February 14.

Flowers: Ed Robertson/Unsplash

Overall, results were clear: Vancouverites hate Valentine’s Day.

Wow, do you folks love to complain! Serves me right for asking. Our last survey question was open-ended: “How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?” When requesting input online, it’s expected that most of the people willing to contribute will say something negative: very rarely does anyone go on an internet rant about how much they love something. But this was another level of bitter.

Here are some standout answers to “How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?”

“What is the point? Another commercialized day.”

“Not cool. Silly.”



“It’s ok for others.”

“It’s stupid.”

“A commercial day.”

“Hallmark Holiday.”

“*Barf Emoji*”

That said, there were a few folks willing to come to bat for Cupid. To leave this on a not-totally-depressing note, here’s two nice ones: “A great small holiday for any loved one” and “It’s dumb, but fun.” Happy Valentine’s Day, Vooges.