The Ultimate Guide to Treating That Special Someone in Your Life this Valentine’s Day: You

Singles, get ready to mingle... with yourself.

When you’re single, things can sometimes—in the words of R&B songstress Solána Imani Rowe A.K.A SZA—hit different. Family functions, plus-one wedding invites and most holidays (you’re fine, Bastille Day) can be a minefield of unrequested advice, unfounded pity and just cringe-level comments. It’s all deeply unfair, particularly considering that it’s actually pretty great being single.

That’s right: don’t let Big Rom-Com fool you into thinking the best and only relationship out there is romantic. Between friends, family and that one barista who offers you an extra shot, love is all around you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate your romantic partner if you’ve got one (I’m not a complete love cynic) but there’s no reason singletons shouldn’t get to enjoy this guilt-trippy holiday, too.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some simple and simp ways to show love to one of the longest relationships you’ve had: the one with yourself.


Woman with leg over a body pillow in bed
Credit: Resthouse

Snuggle sesh!

Getting to starfish in bed is underrated and a definite perk of sleeping solo. Inviting a body pillow into the mix is next-level comfort. It’s squishy, doesn’t snore (or complain if you do) and for us side-sleepers, it’s a game changer for proper body support. Treat yourself to a Kakun Premium Body Pillow from Resthouse for $349.


Bottle of pink "wallflower" gin
Credit: Anjali Spooner

Snack on strawberries

Valentine’s Day seems to have taken strawberries for itself, so why not fight the V-Day powers-that-be and take it back but with a boozy twist? Toast yourself with a gin that’s one-of-a-kind (just like you, cuuute) for a cocktail hour celebrating whatever the hell you want to do unapologetically—organizing your closet, filling up various online shopping carts and thinking aloud, “could you imagine?” or diligently solving true-crime docs from your couch like the sexy little sleuth that you are. No matter the activity, mark the occasion with a special bevy because, after all, you deserve it: those dishes didn’t do themselves after all. Try Odd Society Spirits’ Wallflower Strawberry Gin ($28).


Three pans on a marble kitchen counter in green, cream and black

Serve up a romantic dinner

Maybe the worst part of being in a loving cohabitation situation is the constant need to come to a quorum for meal plans. Also, cooking is actually just making future cleaning plans (don’t at me!). Since you get to make whatever, whenever and your dishes are your own, why not treat yourself to some fancy cookware that basically cleans itself and matches your kitchen? Pick whatever colour you want, and then enjoy the benefits of the very best dining situation you could dream of: you never have to wait for a table, the kitchen never closes and the chef will do any mod you want without judgment. Chez You is the hottest resto-lounge in town (emphasis on the “rest” and the “lounge” because you’re probably in your sweats the whole time). Everything Pan from Kilne ($140).
Woman wearing brown onesie

Slip into something a little more comfortable

Roam freely and flowingly in the closest-thing-to-a-bed-in-clothing-form as you can get that’s the next best thing to being naked (without the neighbours leaving passive-aggressive notes on your door to “close your blinds”). Not all heroes wear capes, they say, probably because capes are dumb and impractical and not nearly as comfortable as this throw blanket with arm holes and leg holes. Be the hero you deserve and need. Evie Waffle Playsuit from Paper Label ($75)
Spin class studio with neon lighting
Credit: CMMN GRND/Karin Bohn

Feel your heart race

Take yourself on a vali-date (see what I did there?) and get yourself sweating it up this Valentine’s with an activity that makes you feel good while listening to a banger-certified pump-up playlist. A big part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself and what better way than this spa-like studio with MTV-music-video lighting effects and a main-character-energy soundtrack to get you feeling yourself and getting your own heart rate up. Try mindful strength and cardio class MIGHTY at CMN GROUND ($26, first class is free!)


Clear mug of hot chocolate with whip cream and caramel dripping down glass
“Orange You Glad to See Me?” hot chocolate from the Cafe at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

A little something sweet

It’s hot cocoa season and whether you’re face-hugging a mug while gazing contently out a window or sitting on a park bench watching two raccoons pull each other up a fence (now THAT’S love), a piping hot cup of liquid chocolate is guaranteed to dilate your pupils and warm your heart. Luckily, it’s the Hot Chocolate Festival (now til February 14) and with lots of unique and experimental cocoa-concoctions all over the city—you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Happy Valentines Day to you and only you!