What to do in Hastings-Sunrise

This eclectic and historical neighbourhood offers a wide variety of things to do.

This eclectic and historical neighbourhood offers a wide variety of things to do.

1. Di Oliva Tasting Bar

Book yourself and your friends for a free olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting party. Make your tastebuds sing with fresh olive oil that’s organic, using all natural ingredients all the while learning about the health benefits of fresh olive oil. 2632 East Hastings St

2. Deeley Motorcycle Exhibit

Take a journey through the last 100 years of motorcycle history in Vancouver. The Deeley family began selling motorcycles in Vancouver in 1917. There is a brief history of most of the motorcycles on display. There are 75 bikes on display, the oldest bike is from 1885,  and there are brand new ones too. 1875 Boundary Road

3. Fazakas Gallery

Spend some time browsing through a contemporary Indigenous & Cross-Cultural Art Gallery featuring established and emerging artists. Works by artists such as Corey BulpittRande Cook, and Yvonne Muinde  are featured. 688 East Hastings St 

4. The Pie Shoppe

Learn how to express yourself by making delicious pies in this 3-hour workshop. Some of the topics covered will include: making a flaky pie crust, working with organic ingredients, and creating decorative edges and tops. Leave this workshop with your very own whole pie, a PDF of recipes, tips and tricks, and a Pie Shoppe apron. 1875 Powell St

5. The Odd Society Tasting Lounge

Visit this charming tasting lounge and try one of this small-batch distillery’s signature cocktails. Try the B.C. Bramble which is gin, lime juice, simple syrup and Creme de Cassis. Bottle of spirits can also be purchased on site. 1725 Powell St