Which Cleanse is Right for You?

From soup- and juice-only diets to hydrotherapy and herbal supplements, we help you decide what’s best.

1. Krokodile Pear 3-Day Green Run Juice Cleanse

Price $150

What you get Seven juices per day, including two blended smoothies.

How it works Drink one bottle of juice every two to three hours.

Good for Weight loss, digestive health, liver and kidney detoxification.

Doctor says “The calories being consumed are nutrient-rich, but it is lacking in protein and fibre,” says Lindsay Pleskot, R.D., of lindsaypleskot.com.

2. Renew Life CleanseSmart 30-Day Program

Price $28

What you get Four herbal supplement pills per day.

How it works Take two capsules in the day, and two more in the evening on an empty stomach. Allow six to 12 hours for laxative effect to occur.

Good for Intestinal health, colon and liver detoxification, improved digestion.

Doctor says “Some people report more focus and energy after detoxing. But there’s little evidence that detox diets remove toxins,” says Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D., of the Mayo Clinic.

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3. Spud 3-Day Soup Box Cleanse

Price $115

What you get Five vegetarian soup servings and one alkalizing lemon water per day.

How it works Drink lemon water every morning, then one soup serving every two hours.

Good for Increased energy, weight loss, improved digestion.

Doctor says “This is a good example of a reset if someone is struggling to break old habits, but it could potentially leave them feeling hungry as it’s not super-high in protein,” says Pleskot.

4. Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse 3 Treatment Package

Price $270

What you get Three 45- to 55-minute treatment sessions.

How it works A medical practitioner performs a treatment that uses purified water to clear out waste from the colon.

Good for Colon detoxification, eliminatory system health, chronic intestinal conditions.

Doctor says “I would highly suggest discussing this with your doctor first,” says Pleskot. “This isn’t a treatment I would recommend to my clients.”

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