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Elysian Health: A New Model for Health Care

Elysian Health Group is changing the health care narrative through integrating traditionally separate centers of care into one patient centered team.

“Our primary purpose is providing access to an integrated team of highly skilled healthcare professionals working together to help patients achieve their individual health goals,” says Donovan Jones, CEO of Elysian Health Group. “We have been fortunate to have access to an amazing team and state-of-the-art technology enabling us to create a seamless, compassionate and customized patient experience.”

elysian-2Donovan Joes, CEO, and Dr. John Diggle, Chief Medical Officer | Elysian Health GroupThe focus on preventative healthcare starts with creating an individualized baseline for each patient and then delivering care through integrating modalities, such as general practice physicians, neurologists, cardiologists, pharmacy, chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, naturopathic doctors and mental health practitioners. But to provide full-spectrum care, Elysian has its own lab, dieticians and strength and conditioning trainers, and is readying the launch of its own medical imaging and diagnostics, including an MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound and Dexascan. 

Elysian is currently adding patients for the Concierge Program focused on preventative personalized care. The program leverages the latest in medical, nutritional, kinesthetic and neurosciences to assess, optimize and strengthen mind, body and spirit. Care coordinators manage patient care within their integrated team and help to navigate any exigent or urgent care through external partnerships in the complex health system. The program starts with an end-to-end baseline assessment including bloodwork, stress testing, functional mobility, mental acuity and a full range of diagnostics. Goals are then set between the patient and Elysian with ongoing care delivered with these goals held central.

elysian-3Patients are welcomed by care co-ordinators who manage holistic, goal-centred care within their integrated team. | Elysian Health groupDemand for services has led Elysian to create a specialized program for businesses. The Executive Health Program involves a deep dive health assessment that includes blood work, cardiac risk assessment, functional mobility, mental acuity, ophthalmic and auditory screening, and body composition scanning. A personalized health report is provided that provides the patient with a baseline that can be used to build and support a health plan.

“A patient coming to Elysian might be looking for preventative care options or looking for an integrated team bringing together traditional medicine, diagnostics and holistic care,” Jones says. “Treatment in one of our programs might include a baseline analysis followed by ongoing care provided by our dietician, naturopathic doctor, pharmacist and strength and conditioning coach who work together with a physician to achieve a patient’s individualized goals.”

The 12,000-square-foot, spa-like South Surrey clinic has been opening in phases since June 2021 and another, smaller community clinic will open in White Rock in April. Elysian also has its eye on Kelowna and Victoria as the next sites for its clinics, which are currently in the design stages. 

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