Are Vancouverites satisfied with their sex lives?

Privilege, apparently, doesn’t come with a better sex life, as straight men said they are the least content with theirs. While an equal percentage of men and women said they are satisfied, sexually speaking, fewer women are explicitly dissatisfied. But the most content group of all? Vancouver’s LGBT community—63 percent are satisfied as opposed to 54 percent of heteros. And queer locals are not only happier with their sex lives, they’re getting more too. Almost half (47 percent) of LGBT respondents said they’ve had 10 or more sexual partners. The same is true for only 35 percent of straight Vancouverites. And then, of course, there’s the one-hundred club: four percent of men said they’ve had over 100 sexual partners (just one percent of women said the same). On the opposite side of the fence, a quarter of those surveyed had no sex at all in the last 12 months. Keep swinging, folks.Would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your sex life?satisfieddissatisfied

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