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Unlock the Mysteries of Your Skin with Skin Wellness Experts Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions, Vancouver’s premier skin wellness company, empowers clients to confidently navigate skin care and facial treatment options using skin science and holistic wellness

Your skin is unique. Learning about its structure, function and potential should be an empowering journey of self-discovery that unlocks the mysteries of your skin so you can achieve healthy, radiant skin for a life time.

Facial Treatments & Skin Services

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Kristen Cheyne, founder of Facial Expressions Skin Therapy (FX), is passionate about skin science. She has studied skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry extensively and is highly intuitive when it comes to connecting what’s happening on the surface of the skin with what’s happening elsewhere in the body and in life.

“We are on a mission to elevate skin therapy beyond a beauty focus, into the realm of personal health and wellness,” she says. “We specialize in practical skin care, digging deep to discover the root cause of skin challenges and designing personalized solutions that merge advanced skin science with deeply relaxing self-care.”

The skin therapy team at FX customizes every treatment to optimize results and support long-term skin health, regardless of age, skin type or condition.

“Whether you’re seeking to slow visible signs of aging, address acne concerns or simply enhance your skin’s overall health and vitality, we’re here to assist you every step of the way, from deep cleansing facials and microneedling services to LED light therapy and personalized self-care routines,” Cheyne says.

High-performance product lines

Photo | Kim Kosta Creative

Cheyne has carefully selected high-performing product lines and skin rejuvenating technology that are well supported by clinical studies.

Environ, for example, uses the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is independently tested and certified by the Swiss Vitamin Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland. This ensures that clinic partners and consumers can be confident in the quantity and quality of the ingredients in each bottle.

Environ’s revolutionary Step-Up System gradually and safely introduces higher levels of vitamin nutrients into the skin without any detrimental effects.

“I’ve studied and tested dozens of product lines over the years and chose Environ specifically because of the Step-Up System,” Cheyne says. “It has transformed our clients’ skin like nothing else on the market.”

Discover FX + Environ DF3 Vitamin Infusion Facial

FX offers several signature services, including the Discover FX: Consultation + Bespoke Facial—the perfect entry point for anyone new to skin treatment. Enjoy an advanced skin consultation, treatment planning and relevant skin science resources, followed by a targeted facial to jumpstart any new skin journey.

More experienced with skin treatment? Lavish in the Environ DF3 Vitamin Infusion Facial, using industry-leading Electro-Sonic Ionzyme DF3 technology to infuse high levels of vitamins A and C, peptides and hydration into the skin for holistic rejuvenation with zero discomfort or downtime.⁠ The 75-minute service is customizable to target fine lines and wrinkles, moisture, radiance, clarity and more.

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