Weed Coast: Pot for Parenting

Sujinder Juneja joins us as our new pot columnist, starting with this edition of Weed Coast.

It took professional intervention, but I can finally look forward to Spring Break again. Until recently, the thought of its ominous approach filled me with dread.This specific anxiety is unique to self-employed parents who work from home, including those that have two beautiful, creative and energetic (read: exhausting) children, released from their schoolyard shackles for two weeks, wanting nothing more than to hang with their super cool parents, presuming that we also have nothing better to do. But the bills don’t pay themselves, and the thought of them taking up residence in my office for sixteen long days without a break made me feel nervous and agitated.It’s not that I don’t love spending time with my kids—I do. They are, quite frankly, the best things about my life (besides my wife, of course, who I’m sure is reading this right now). The problem is that I, like most people, have never been a good multitasker, and I struggle to do more than one thing at a time. I can either work, or I can play. I can write, or I can parent. I can’t do a good job at both and used to pass on this anxiety and stress to the ones that I love the most.This was until I visited Andrea Dobbs, the effervescent owner of The Village Bloomery, who has become a star in the Vancouver cannabis world, specifically for her tireless advocacy of the largely untapped healthful benefits of the plant. Knowing that she would take good care of me, Andrea and her well-informed team suggested I try a couple of locally grown and fully tested strains that were free of pesticide, mold and other chemicals. Both were high CBD strains that would allow me to quickly release the stress of the work day, while remaining mentally present (and emotionally stable) for my dear, sweet angels.

The goal was to remain calm but engaged with my kids the moment the work day was over. Ready to play.

Her first suggestion was CBD Therapy, an Indica-dominant Hybrid with a concentration of 20 percent CBD and less than one-percent THC. Organically-grown in Kelowna, the loose but very sticky buds presented subdued aromatics of pine, fresh mint, and dried mango. I rolled a skinny (sample-size) joint for a quick pull. It burned very clean, without the cough-inducing harshness I sometimes get from other Indicas. The taste was soft and subtle, suggesting notes of cocoa, caramel and dried mushroom. Five minutes later, the edges of the day melted away, and a warm sensation swept over my body. Noticeably absent was a feeling of being “high” – exactly as ordered. The goal was to remain calm but engaged with my kids the moment the work day was over. Ready to play.The other strain they suggested was called Diamond Princess, this time a Sativa-dominant Hybrid made of 13 percent CBD and 0.5 percent THC. There was nothing subtle about the candied SweeTarts aromas here. It was like the entire inventory of a Lush store had funnelled itself into the jar, gobs of sweet grapefruit exploding into my sinuses. The flavours here were very pleasant as well, a combination of cotton candy, Christmas cake and burnt cinnamon. The effects here came on much quicker, giving me a peaceful, easy feeling, leaving me clear-headed and ready to transition from my office to the outdoors. This one is similarly cultivated in Kelowna, by a husband and wife team, also parents, who specialize in CBD-rich offerings.Naturally, we have some common-sense rules about using cannabis at home. I try to never let them see me smoke, as they associate the action with smoking tobacco, and we all know that cigarettes are revolting poison sticks. Secondly, I make sure to keep my stash locked away from their fidgety fingers, safely stored in a few elegant jars in a desk drawer under lock and key. Finally, and especially during the day, it’s important to respect one’s limits. I’ll have just a few puffs to reset and regain my balance, allowing me to present my best ‘Dad’ side to my family. The rest of the joint I’ll save for later, when I can put my feet up, watch a comedy or two, and reflect on the joys of parenting.The breakdown: CBD Therapy, Indica-Dominant Hybrid. $11/gram. Diamond Princess: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. $10/gram. The Village Bloomery, Inner Courtyard, 206 – 1540 W 2nd Ave.