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Why regular, scheduled massage should be part of your wellness routine

Think massage is just a luxury? Think again. Vancouverites can enhance their wellness routines with rejuvenating Asian massage therapies.

Having a personal wellness routine is like giving your body a hug every day. It’s your own personal cheerleader for mental clarity and physical stamina, and it can make or break your emotional and physical health. 

Nutrition, exercise, social time and good sleep might be the cornerstones of a healthy wellness routine, but don’t forget that day-to-day wear and tear on the mind and body can add up—and that is where regular massage truly shines. Regular, scheduled massages are like mini vacations for your muscles. They’re a retreat where tension slips away and relaxation reigns, with benefits like improved sleep, enhanced flexibility and a serene mind.

Treat your muscles

Sabai Thai Spa

Don’t think of massage as a luxury—consider it essential to a healthy lifestyle. Vancouver’s Sabai Thai Massage offers traditional Thai massage—a unique symphony of movements that are much like choreographed yoga, performed in light clothing, celebrating the body’s energy flow without a drop of oil. Each stretch and compression, conducted by a massage therapist, is an ode to the ancient Asian massage traditions, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

Sabai Thai Spa also offers other Thai-inspired massages that include Oil Massage, Siam Blend Massages, hydrating facials, and spa packages and bundles that are perfect for people looking into a full and complete massage therapy experience.

Put your best face forward

Sabai Thai Spa

Facial treatments are an excellent addition to your wellness routine. They leave you looking and feeling younger, they remove dry skin, and they improve hydration to improve absorption of creams and initiate a natural glow. Sabai Thai Massage custom facials, designed to balance, clear, calm or firm the skin, are a relaxing escape that calm the mind and body.

Going deeper 

Sabai Thai Spa

Self-care means living your best life every day and paying closer attention to some of the common complaints associated with modern life. Seemingly minor ailments, like neck pain, failing posture, mild headaches and lingering sports injuries seldom get the attention they deserve in our busy lives. 

Registered massage therapy is an effective stand-alone or supplementary therapy for a host of conditions, pain management and ongoing therapeutic treatment. Need custom massage therapy to relieve stress, promote circulation, reduce pain and tension, help with treating injuries, or improving overall posture, range of motion, and health? Registered massage therapists at Sabai Thai Massage perform a full consultation and custom treatment for specific needs and concerns. 

Ready for the wellness routine you deserve? Visit to discover the best ways to enhance your self-care. Receive up to 50% off massages, spa packages and more. VanMag readers use the code VANMAG upon check out to get an additional 5% off on select vouchers. Know someone who needs a little self-love in their life? Give the gift of relaxation with Sabai Thai Spa gift cards, starting at $25. 


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