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Your dream smile, just in time for wedding season

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, a premium clinic has become the epicentre for transformative smile makeovers, especially for future brides and global visitors seeking perfection for their special occasions.

Transcend Dentistry, led by the renowned Dr. Faraj Edher, specializes in cosmetic smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions, merging unparalleled artistry with personalized care.

What sets Transcend Dentistry apart is its commitment to crafting unique smiles that harmonize with each individual’s personality and facial aesthetics. Dr. Edher and his team believe in elevating confidence from within by crafting the smile of their dreams for their special day and every day from then onwards. This philosophy resonates deeply with brides-to-be, who dream of the perfect smile for their big day.

The clinic stands out for its multi-specialty approach. It’s not just a haven for exceptional dental care, it is also a centre for comprehensive oral health. Alongside Dr. Edher, the clinic consists of a team of specialists, including periodontists skilled in aesthetic gum lifts and gum grafting, and an orthodontist for those requiring teeth straightening as part of their smile makeover.

Transcend Dentistry’s smile makeovers are renowned for their individualized approach, starting with an in-depth consultation. Here, augmented reality and artificial intelligence play a crucial role, enabling facial scanning and virtual smile designs that preview the potential future smile. This fusion of technology and expertise ensures that patient desires are perfectly understood and met.

The creation of each restoration at Transcend Dentistry represents a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. Employing computer-aided design along with 3D printing techniques, their team ensures each veneer is crafted with precision and care. This technological approach is seamlessly integrated with the skilled touch of world-class ceramists, who add the final, intricate touches to each piece. This synergy of technology and artistry ensures veneers that are not only technically perfect, but also aesthetically beautiful, creating exceptional outcomes for every client.

This commitment to technology and quality is why Transcend Dentistry has become a destination for clients from around the world. They seek not just a dental service, but an experience of uncompromising quality, care and excellence.

For those preparing for a wedding or any significant life event, Transcend Dentistry offers a personalized, one-on-one consultation, promising a journey towards a smile that transcends expectations.

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*All featured before and after photographs showcase real patients treated by Dr. Faraj Edher. Please note that the results shown are specific to each patient and may vary. Individual outcomes are influenced by personal circumstances and cannot be guaranteed.