Telus, Whitecaps FC and Ocean Wise: Vancouver’s Beach Cleanup Dream Team

Find out how these three organizations are turning the tide on beach pollution in Vancouver.

We’re very lucky here in Vancouver. We’ve got premium access to some pretty stellar beaches. But with great beach access comes great beach responsibility. (Sure, I’ve retrofitted a popular Spiderman quote to suit my journalistic needs but that doesn’t make it any less true.) And the fine folks at Telus, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Ocean Wise would all surely agree with this sentiment, given that they have taken it upon themselves to put it into action. The Avengers-style trio (last superhero analogy, I promise!) joined forces to clean up our beloved Spanish Banks beach, collecting over 100 kgs of waste in less than 60 minutes. That’s right, folks. They did in one hour what most of us can’t even do in a day: clean.

Credit: TELUS Communications Inc

The three teamed up to tidy the landmark beach as part of the 18th annual Telus Days of Giving. (Think: holiday, but instead of getting gifts, you give back to Mother Nature. And let’s be real, she deserves it.)

Our soccer stars, Ryan Gauld, Julian Gressel and Yohei Takaoka, swapped their cleats for gloves and joined the Ocean Wise Shoreline Champions movement. It’s like a corporate retreat, but the only thing you’re retreating from is ocean pollution!

Vancouver Whitecaps FC team member, Ryan Gauld, alongside TELUS, cleaning the shoreline at Spanish Banks Beach. Credit: TELUS Communications Inc

And boy, did they score a goal! They cleaned up 2.4 km of shoreline, which is roughly the equivalent of running the length of 24 soccer fields (you’re welcome for doing that math! And if it’s wrong, don’t @ me!).

Vancouver Whitecaps FC team member, Thomas Hasal, alongside TELUS team members at the Ocean Wise Shoreline Champions movement last week at Spanish Banks Beach. TELUS Communications Inc

But wait, there’s more! On July 15, for every fan who attends the Whitecaps FC match at BC Place, Telus will plant a tree. That’s right, you get to watch soccer and save the planet at the same time. There’s no downside here (unless you hate fun and the planet, then who are you, Thanos? Alright, THAT’S the last one)!

Vancouver Whitecaps FC players, from left to right , Matteo Campagna, Sebastian Berhalter, Alessandro Schopf pictured alongside the TELUS team, collecting waste at Spanish Banks Beach. Credit: TELUS Communications Inc

So the next time you’re at the beach, remember to pick up after yourself. Because if Telus, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Ocean Wise can clean up 100 kgs of waste in less than an hour, you can definitely handle that empty soda can. And if I can do basic math for this article, you can surely figure out the recycling bin.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets to the July 15th game versus the LA Galaxy—I’ll see you beach-lovers and planet-heroes there!