Do Vancouver men still suck?

Men and women see the romantic and sexual landscape through very different lenses

In the January/February 2012 issue of Vancouver Magazine, we published a piece that was perhaps our most popular—and certainly our most talked about—in recent memory. It was written by Katherine Ashenburg, and it was called “Do Vancouver Men Suck?” The evidence marshalled in that piece suggested that they did, in fact, suck, and suck to a remarkably widespread degree. As Ashenburg wrote, “Women who’ve moved to Vancouver, or lived in other cities, partnered up with men from elsewhere, or left the city for greener pastures, agree that Vancouver is in a class by itself. When it comes to inert, inattentive men, the ones in Vancouver seem to have written the book.” Has anything changed in the intervening four years? It’s hard to tell from our survey results given that we don’t have a baseline to compare them against, but Vancouver men certainly still have a reputation of being, well, underwhelming.In general, are Vancouver men more or less desirable than men from other cities? More desirable: 5%The same: 49%Less desirable: 16%Not sure: 30%We asked: Regardless of whether you would partake in each of the following actions, are they acceptable or unacceptable to you personally? Hell yeah, I think it’s acceptable…Having an “open relationship” (sex outside marriage with the consent of your partner)Men: 50%Women: 30% Having a one-night standMen: 69%Women: 50% Paying for sexMen: 42%Women: 15% Sleeping with a co-workerMen: 59%Women: 46%Having sex with more than one person at a timeMen: 64%Women: 34%

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