In Memoriam: Jim Green

Jim Green, who died at age 68 after a battle with lung cancer, was an ardent advocate for the Downtown Eastside, past municipal politician, and creative university professor. But in simple terms: his life work dramatically changed Vancouver for the better. In our many years working together, both before and after his Woodward’s development, he was always a strong, articulate voice for those citizens whom much of society chooses to ignore. He never backed down from his core belief: that meaningful equality is the birthright of all human beings and that true inclusivity is worth fighting for. He changed my life, and taught me that every incremental positive act can change the world for the better. That authentic community engagement is essential, so that all feel acknowledged and truly heard. He built housing, created employment programs, changed legislation. Most importantly, he loved his adopted city and all its people. There can only ever be one Jim Green in Vancouver and in my life. We will all miss him terribly.