Model Citizen: Michelle Addison, Personal Stylist

 “A little bit granola, a whole lot of city” is how Michelle Addison, stylist at The Bay’s The Room, would describe her signature look. “I like wearing Celine heels during the week and hiking boots and wetsuits on the weekend-it’s Vancouver’s answer to west coast fashion!” Either way, this creative sartorialist is our answer to this month’s holiday party circuit: “Comfortable and fashion can co-exist-confidence will help any outfit succeed.”

How do you mix high/low? I love mixing Topshop pants with Vince silk shirts and Margiela boots.

One item you couldn’t throw away? Cashmere sweaters. I just can’t do it; they stay with me even with holes.

Top three items every fashionable woman must own this season? A leather pencil skirt, oxblood ankle boots, and a bucket bag.

Best style advice? When in doubt, choose quality over quantity.

Your most recent home splurge? Seriously, we live in Vancouver. Can you really have a great wardrobe and a great house? I choose wardrobe…the contents of my house are a work in progress.

On your nightstand? Dental floss, many unread expensive magazines and a whole collection of Fancy Nancy books that I read to my daughter.

How do you handle holiday shopping anxiety? Imagine walking in someone’s shoes-what would they most appreciate? I always find the perfect gift when I do this.

Most beautiful piece of clothing in your closet? I have a beautiful, black and navy Nina Ricci dress just dying to be worn hanging in my closet.

Favourite piece of clothing? My Junya Wantanabe plaid bomber jacket.

Favourite brand and style of jeans? R13 skinny jeans.

Favourite colour? I like black, that’s a color, right?

Favourite nail polish? Dutch Tulips by OPI.

Designer you love the most? Proenza Schouler. I want the grey peacoat really badly. And the leather culottes.

What are the top three accessories you’ll be buying this season? Margiela oxblood ankle boots (the ones with the slant heel), an Alexander Wang leather backpack, and Proenza Schouler culottes.

What unexpected item do you derive inspiration from? Does coffee count as an item?

Name three things that are always in your fridge. San Pellegrino, popsicles and Liberté coconut yogurt.

What’s your favorite bottle of wine to splurge on? Luckily, I can save my money for shoes; I don’t drink.

What piece of art do you feel closest to? The Roden Crater, by James Turrell. I have never been there but I’m obsessed with it. I would love him to design a “skyspace” in my home but that may be a long-term goal-I think art should give you hope.

Favourite gift? My Hermes Cape Cod Watch from my partner.

Your go-to hostess gift? Scented candles are the best gifts. Jo Malone.

Three things that you always pack when you travel. Scented Candles, iPhone phone charger, curling iron.

Most interesting souvenir from a trip? I always buy a magnet from wherever I travel, tacky ones are best so I have quite a collection. I love them all.

Favourite vacation destination? I keep going to different places, but I loved Costa Rica and would go back in a heart beat.

Favourite shop in Vancouver (not counting The Room or the Bay!)? It’s tie between One of a Few and Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. I love them both!

Favourite place to lunch? I love the tomato soup and the BLT from The Bel Café.

The restaurant you recommend out-of-town guests visit? La Quercia; I would never say no to going there.

When you’re feeling indulgent, where do you do? I like foot massages, I think it’s so lovely to have someone massage your feet.

Favourite book? The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Whenever I feel like I need some motivation, I re-read it.

I never, ever leave the house without… lipstick and my iphone.