Stand-Up Comedian Ivan Decker’s Pop Culture Diet

The Juno-nominated comedian shares what he’s reading, streaming and watching right now.

It’s been a big year for Vancouver’s own Ivan Decker: in the past six months, the stand-up comedian has opened for Ricky Gervais, made his Conan debut and snagged a Juno for his album, I Wanted to Be a DinosaurIs it his sharp observations of everyday life or his pop-culture diet that’s fuelling the funny? We may never know…but here, the funnyman shares the books, shows and albums on his radar right now.

What I’m reading…

Ready Player One

Right now I am reading Ready Player One in anticipation of the film, but reading a book for pre-teens as an adult is NOT RECOMMENDED. Also, to counter the attitude of that book, I am reading a WWII historical account by E.B. “Sledgehammer” Sledge called With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa, a very graphic and enlightening account into the horrors of the Pacific campaign in the 1940s.

What I’m listening to…

Comedy albums

I have been listening to a lot of comedy albums lately. I highly recommend Beth Stelling (Simply the Beth), Chad Daniels (Footprints on the Moon) and Al Madrigal (Why is the Rabbit Crying?). Also anything Dana Gould has done.

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What I’m streaming…

The Sorpranos and American Vandal

I have never watched The Sopranos before so I am currently in deep on that. It is such an amazing show. It gets a little dated when it comes to the teens’ fashion choices and the fact that they play Nintendo 64, but the acting and writing and stories are unbelievable. I also just finished American VandalIt was very funny and brilliantly done.

What I leave the house for…

Comedy at Little Mountain Gallery

Anything at the Little Mountain Gallery! After the renovations, that room has become so fantastic. Also the JFL Northwest comedy festival is coming up, with so many amazing comedians coming to town, all extremely worth lacing up your boots for.

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