Q&A: Mathieu Mercier


You’re new to Larose.What’s your background?

My family’s estate grew grapes for Hennessy. Wine has been my life. I studied enology and viticulture in Bordeaux, then made wine there, in California, and in Chile.

What influenced you?

Learning about wine with my father almost as soon as I could walk. He showed me everything all the time.

What brought you to the Okanagan?

I tasted Osoyoos Larose in 2012 with the other Groupe Taillan winemakers and was excited and intrigued. By March I was here!

What impressed you?

The structure, the acidity, the high colour and density-it’s a wine you cannot ignore. I hope I can contribute by uniting traditional winemaking and New World terroir in the best possible way.

Ideal match?

Lamb with red wine and mushroom sauce.