This Just In: Vancouver’s Got a Thing for Hunky Mayors

Digging through the archives for our 50th anniversary issue made us realize that our mayors have one striking similarity.

Our current choice is a source of swooning civic pride, but over the past five decades we’ve had more than our share of galivanters (and, still, dudes only) at 12th and Cambie.

Gregor Robertson, 2008–Present

Robertson is truly an inspiration to us all, living proof that a square jaw, chiseled cheekbones and dimples won’t stand in the way of achieving our political dreams.

Art Phillips, 1973–1977

Before there was Michael Bloomberg there was Art Phillips, a fantastically successful businessman who also took up the politics mantle—and looked good doing it in a sweet leather jacket and white horse combo.

Jack Volrich, 1977–1980

A lawyer who was defeated by Mike Harcourt, Volrich (third from left) cut an imposing figure on the courts, like when he dabbled in mixed doubles with Premier Bill Bennet, Nancy Bell-Irving and, of course, Ginger Rogers.


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