The Best B.C. Election Primer We’ve Found Yet

No time to scroll through the provincial party platforms? This trio of Vancouver filmmakers did it for you.

We know, we know…you want to be an engaged citizen and an informed voter, but who has the time—or the attention span—to actually go through each of the provincial political parties’ platforms for a good old game of compare and contrast? Thankfully, the guys behind Double Blind Science have taken on this onerous task so you can arrive at the ballot box with more than just a vague idea of what you’re actually voting for (even if the names of some of the candidates come as a surprise).Double Blind is a project by Vancouver filmmakers Jesse Lupini, Lucas Kavanagh and Blair Barrington, who in addition to their skills with moving pictures also have backgrounds in science and education. They’ve been producing podcasts and videos on a variety of topics but their issue-by-issue review of the main B.C. party platforms is by far the best primer we’ve seen in the run-up to next week’s election. Check out their other stuff here.