Find Your Neighbourhood: The VanMag Neighbourhood Ranking Tool

Which factors make up your dream Vancouver neighbourhood? Use our interactive neighbourhood ranking tool to find out the best fit for you.

Mount Pleasant or Yaletown? Shaugnessey or Commercial Drive? When it’s time to move—whether into town or across town–choosing the right neighbourhood can be a daunting choice. So as we were putting together our April Neighbourhood Rankings issue, we asked data journalist Chad Skelton to build an interactive calculator to help Vancouverites find their own personalized lists of great ‘hoods.

When we were putting together our own list, we weighed our universal factors of livability fairly evenly (lots of good restaurants and cafés; plenty of green space; transit and bike accessibility; low crime; long-term residents; mix of owners and renters; affordable; ethnically diverse; educated and civically engaged neighbours) but there are certainly factors beyond that (or within that!) which might impact one’s personal opinion.

So now you’ve got the chance to play around and decide for yourself what makes a neighbourhood great, and come up with your own list of best bets based on your personal interests. Play around and see what the tool recommends, and then let us know what you think! The interactivity doesn’t have to stop once you’ve finished toggling the numbers here—we always want to hear from you about the things (beyond the numbers!) that make a neighbourhood both livable and lovable.

Find your Vancouver neighbourhood here!

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