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Luxury Redefined: faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate

We may be on the better side of the pandemic, but there is no question that it’s effects will linger. In the real estate industry, it has shifted people’s priorities and redefined the concept of luxury for the better. 

“As our sense of wellness and home evolve, our perspective on what qualifies as luxury has changed,” says Faith Wilson, Realtor with faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate, a luxury-focused real estate brokerage offering a modern brand and online experience backed by more than 250 years of luxury experience. “The consumer is taking the lead on what they now require in a luxury home and articulating and actualizing those needs.”

fw-3faithwilson | Christie’s International Real EstateThis change in the psyche of the luxury market has ignited emerging amenity trends in Vancouver that look at all aspects of luxury lifestyle and experience, including access to nature, places in the home dedicated to wellness, and security.

“The pandemic gave us pause and focused our attention on what is most important: being safe and staying connected to family and friends,” Wilson says. “It has driven this change toward health and wellness, the environment, sustainability in our consumerism and what people actually need to be happy. These trends will continue as businesses open up and we are able to travel with more ease in the near future.”

fw-2faithwilson | Christie’s International Real EstateAnother way to look at it is, less is more. Home buyers are seeking uncluttered, aesthetically pleasing spaces that promote good energy. This will also play out in how the architecture relates to the landscape and in the materials used to build the structure, while integrating water, indigenous plants and esthetically pleasing and calming spaces in the home and on the property.

 “Locally sourced materials, energy efficiency, smart home tech, green roofs and walls, vegetable gardens and fruit trees—these are all coming together to create a calm, beautiful aesthetic,” Wilson says. “It would be fair to say that homebuyers are looking for a holistic approach and aesthetic in their new homes. Dedicated spaces for wellness, yoga, massage, saunas, gyms or pools are important. Being connected to nature will become more and more important. And knowing family is safe means having good security—that is always a must.”

As buyers re-evaluate their lifestyle and living spaces with the ability to work remotely, more Vancouverites have also been moving to the Okanagan Valley, where fw has successfully expanded with top real estate agents in Kelowna, Osoyoos and Penticton. 

As the Valley’s real estate market matures and evolves, fw will play a key role in the luxury real estate market in the region, with a new Kelowna HQ to open in early 2022. 

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