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Ready to Meet the Workplace of the Future? This is Marco Polo by Gryphon.

Gryphon CEO Jason Hsu shares the inspiration behind Marco Polo, the ultimate work-life balance development in Oakridge

Imagine it: stress-free, work-life balance where commuting is a distant memory. How about an easy transition from home to the office to the gym and on to cocktail hour?

It is all just an elevator ride away.

“At Marco Polo, our approach to building revolves around a seamless blend between work and life,” says Gryphon Development CEO Jason Hsu. “We believe in making the trip to the office an effortless extension of your daily routine, where residents and strata members can work in an environment that feels like a home.”

Workplace of the Future

Marco Polo by Gryphon

Marco Polo by Gryphon defines the post-pandemic workplace with work-from-home flexibility and multiple needs fulfilled within a single establishment. It combines traditional strata office spaces with complimentary access to The Curator Club, an 8,000 sq. ft. co-working and amenity space available to all strata members and residents.

“To employees, an office is more than just four walls, nowadays,” Hsu says. “In fact, offices with amenities experience 12% higher demand than those without, and all indicators suggest this trend will persist.”

Marco Polo amenities include a 4,000 sq. ft. fully equipped fitness center, a communal kitchen and a daycare. Innovative workspaces await in co-working lounges, a multi-function atrium, a podcast room, content creation room, private phone booths and more.

“What truly distinguishes us is the bespoke service provided by Gryphon Lifestyle Concierge,” Hsu says. “Whether you’re hosting an event, a luncheon or need to book meeting rooms, Gryphon Lifestyle Concierge makes it all conveniently accessible.”

East Meets West

Marco Polo by Gryphon

Hsu was born in Taiwan, studied in Canada and graduated from Simon Fraser University. He credits the combination of his Taiwanese heritage and Canadian education for shaping his approach to real estate and community development at Gryphon.

“I’ve always had a strong connection with Canadian people and places,” he says. “Coming from a family of developers in Taiwan, I gained substantial knowledge about development, construction and real estate during my upbringing.”

Six years ago, he began to recognize the opportunities in Vancouver’s real estate market.

“I am fueled by a passion for building quality structures, particularly after witnessing the exceptional standards set by our parent company Jinray, which has over three decades of experience and an impressive portfolio of more than 80 luxurious buildings in Taichung, Taiwan,” he says. “I aspired to establish a company in Vancouver that upholds the same level of excellence.”

Hsu recognizes trends in design, service and community-building that are present in both East and West cultures and aspires to bring the best of these concepts to life in Vancouver.

“We aim to inspire our city to continue dreaming, creating and flourishing,” Hsu says. “Marco Polo sets a new standard for future workspaces.”

Visit or schedule a visit to the presentation center at 2762 Granville Street.

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