What’s the Best Neighbourhood for You?

Find your scene with our more subjective guide to the best neighbourhoods in the city.

Try as we might to narrow down our “best neighbourhood” criteria to a few universal factors—as we did in this year’s Neighbourhood Ranking—the fact is that neighbourhoods can be beloved for reasons that are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. So we’ve done some further calculating to offer some data-based suggestions for finding the right ’hood for your lifestyle.

Best Neighbourhood For Singles Ready to Mingle

54 percent of Railtowners  are unattached: chat up that cutie at Ask for Luigi.

Best Neighbourhood If You Love Getting into Civic Debates

South Granville residents had the highest voter turnout at the last provincial election: 67 percent made it out to the polls.

Best Neighbourhood If You Want to Discuss Philosophy

The people of Dunbar  are the most educated lot—66 percent of the adult population rocks a post-secondary degree.

Best Neighbourhood for Food Bloggers

Gastown  has 150 restaurants and coffee shops per 10,000 people. (No stats so far on how good the lighting in each is for Instagram shots, though.)

Best Neighbourhood For Pet Owners

There are 6.3 pet care services or vet clinics per 10,000 people in  South Cambie , so a medical professional or solid grooming session are always within paw’s reach.

Best Neighbourhood If You Don’t Mind the Bridge

With tons of green space, long-term residents and an educated population,  Seymour/Deep Cove  is the most livable neighbourhood on the North Shore.

Best Neighbourhood to Get To Know Your Neighbours

People like to settle in and stay awhile in Hastings-Sunrise : 65 percent of residents have lived in the same home for at least five years.

Best Neighbourhood For Families

Kids rule in  West Point Grey (as do schools and parks): 15 percent of the neighbours are under the age of 15.

Best Neighbourhood If You Hate Driving

The vast majority of Gastownians have ditched their wheels: 74 percent of them bike, transit or walk to work.

Play around with our Find Your ‘Hood Tool to figure out which neighbourhood is right for your personal lifestyle, or check out our official 2018 Neighbourhood Ranking.