Exclusive Olympic Images, Day 16

There will never be another hockey game quite like it. Team Canada reunited with arch-rival Team USA for the gold medal game on Sunday afternoon, and it was a clash of titans. Not only did the game end in sudden death overtime, thanks to a shot from American star forward Zach Parise tying the score with 25 seconds left on the clock. Not only did both goalies play with extraordinary (and in Roberto Luongo‘s case, surprising—to some) skill. But 30 games into the Winter Olympics, it was apparent that both teams had gelled into proper units. Highlights included Jonathan Toews‘s first goal for Canada in the first period, Ryan Kesler‘s skillful performance the whole game, and—above all else—Sidney Crosby‘s game-shuttering third goal in OT. Ten million Canucks breathed a sigh of relief. 

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Later Sunday evening, the 2010 Winter Games wrapped with a lite-rock concert, William Shatner poetry, and more inflatable Mounties than you could shake a hockey stick at. The medal count for the Games concluded with the US in first place with 37, Germany in second with 30, and Canada in third with 26, but we comfort ourselves with the distinction of the most gold medals for any country anytime at the Olympics—14.

Now, we love you. We loved having you. It’s time you go home.


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