Survey: Do You Carry an Umbrella? Vote in Less Than 5 Minutes

How many Vancouverites actually carry umbrellas? Complete this poll and help us determine the answer.

I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland my entire life, and in Vancouver proper for the last six years. I know how rainy it is here. It’s hardly worth a conversation. What is worth a debate, though, is umbrella culture in this city. Some use umbrellas only. Some ditch the umbrella for a rain jacket. Others double up. True agents of chaos just get wet.

The below survey should take less than 5 minutes, and covers all the important factors of rainy days. At the end, you’ll be asked for your email, but don’t worry—we won’t spam you, and unless you decide to opt-in to our newsletter (which you should really subscribe to anyway) you’ll only get a single email thanking you for completing the survey.

We’ll be posting the results on Friday, October 27.

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