Survey: What’s the Best Beach in Vancouver? Vote in Less Than 5 Minutes

Weigh in on your favourite Vancouver beaches.

It’s the battle of the beaches, and we want to hear from you. We only get a few precious months of sunny weather, but we also know that’s plenty of time for Vancouverites to form some very strong opinions. Are you a diehard English Bay fan, or would you rather make the trek down to Wreck? This is your opportunity to advocate for the best beach in Vancouver.

The below survey should take less than 5 minutes, and covers all the important factors of beachgoing. At the end, you’ll be asked for your email, but don’t worry—we won’t spam you, and unless you decide to opt-in to our newsletter (which you should really subscribe to anyway) you’ll only get a single email thanking you for completing the survey.

We’ll be posting the results on Friday, August 25. Expect more polls from us in the future—for now, our job is just beach.

Note: Our survey software is embedded below, and can sometimes take a moment or two to load. After you hit “submit,” you’ll have to prove you’re not a robot—make sure you pass the CAPTCHA test, too!