Survey: Who’s Got the Power in Vancouver? Vote in Less than 5 Minutes

What does power in Vancouver mean to you? Answer our quick, anonymous survey.

We on the editorial team here at Vanmag are deep in planning our 2024 Power 50 issue, which will reflect on the past year and name some of our city’s most impactful changemakers (if you’re curious about past honourees, check out last year’s ranking).

Power isn’t just about lists, though—there’s power in everything, from the way we dress to where we eat to the spaces we hang out in. This year, we thought we’d ask Vancouverites all about what power means to them. Who is the most powerful person in the city? Whose hard work is going unnoticed? Where’s the best place to buy a power suit?

Answer our survey below before December 20 to add your opinion to the mix.

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