See which bottles our judges have named the best of their kind.

These contenders are light in colour, ranging from straw to gold. They distinguish themselves from pilsners in that they are more malt-forward, presenting notes of bread crumb (as opposed to crust), fresh grain, and, on occasion, biscuit, and have little to no bitterness to their finish. This delicate balance of flavours—coupled with a bold carbonation—makes them an ideal accompaniment to white fish and seafood. Light Lagers                               GOLD: Okanagan Spring Brewery 1516 (Delta) A well-balanced golden lager, named for the birth year of the purity law in the Bavarian tradition.   SILVER: Deep Cove Trapper John’s Lager (North Vancouver) This classic “helles” lager with a light body and hoppy floral notes is food-friendly.   BRONZE: Parallel 49 Craft Lager (Vancouver) A crisp helles using local hops shows more body and a slightly peppery flavour.