It’s Official: Gin is Definitely (Still) In

Vancouver Cocktail Week shines a spotlight on the city’s best booze, bars, and bartenders.

Although last night was my first foray into Vancouver Cocktail Week’s boozy offerings, it won’t be my last. I attended the Gin is (Still) In event, hosted at the ever-stunning Brass Fish Tavern, which featured—you guessed it—gin. Fords Gin to be exact. 

A small bar with four tables and a hanging marine skeleton.
The VCW Fords Gin event took place inside Brass Fish Tavern.
Credit: Brass Fish Tavern


Bottle of Fords Gin next to a cocktail on a stone table
Credit: @fordsgin

Though I would call myself a gin drinker, this was the first time I tried this particular brand of juniper-forward liquor. Over several hours spent at the event I was given the opportunity to try Fords both in cocktail form (a classic G&T for me, thanks!) and neat. In my spare time I’m known to sip on a martini or two, but trying the gin without any pomp or circumstance gave me access to the flavour profile and helped me on my next task: tackling the DIY G&T bar. 

The DIY gin and tonic bar featuring garnishes galore.
The DIY gin and tonic bar with garnishes galore.

Spoiler alert: I’m not the bartender in my household. But I took my drink-making seriously at the VCW event. After picking up on the bright citrus, warm spices and floral notes in Fords Gin I fashioned my perfect cocktail, complete with a more-is-more style of garnishing. What can I say? I’m an overachiever. 

Gin and Tonic in front of a neon Fords Gin sign
My finished G&T featuring all the accouterment (and my friend’s more photo-ready hand).

Sure, I enjoy a weekend cocktail but I rarely have the chance to interact with the art of making them with an expert guiding me along the way. Vancouver Cocktail Week still has events with tickets available, which means if you’re interested in the art of cocktail making (or even just the art of cocktail tasting), there are ample events to choose from. Think everything from dinners featuring thoughtfully crafted cocktails (Omakase and Kujira Whisky? Yes please) to an evening of drag with a welcome drink. 

Vancouver Cocktail Week (March 3 – 10)