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Get Your Audi Adventure-Ready

This winter Capilano Audi can help you get away to the mountains safely and in style

This winter Capilano Audi can help you get away to the mountains safely and in style

Few Vancouverites need to be reminded just how good we have it: a stunning seaside metropolis framed by mountains to the north and ocean to the east—it doesn’t get much better. For a huge portion of Lower Mainlanders, the potential escape to nearby mountains is a huge determining factor when it comes to buying a car. Proximity to Cypress, Squamish and Whistler are a big draw to the North Shore in particular. With mountains beckoning from nearly every angle, it’s important to prepare your car for your next trip, and there’s nowhere more convenient (or better equipped) than North Vancouver’s Capilano Audi, en route to the Sea-to-Sky Highway.For loyalists and first-time buyers alike, Capilano Audi has a great selection of all-season vehicles that fit your needs. Service Consultant Arch Linsao explains that with such a diverse line-up, there is an Audi option for every driver, and Audi’s legendary advanced Quattro all-wheel drive system—now available in all models—is the perfect choice for winter driving.audi_001That being said, it’s the tires themselves that truly protect you throughout inclement weather. “Winter tires are made with compounds that don’t harden when cold,” explains Linsao. “By retaining their flexibility, they maintain traction in snow and on ice.” All season tires start to lose their performance at 7 degrees, so contrary to common misconception, every Lower Mainland driver should have winter tires.“It’s just as important to install winter tires in our milder climate as it is back East,” says Linsao. “Even though we typically lack in the snow department, we get our share of wet weather combined with freezing temperatures. That combination alone is justification for having winter tires.”audi_002Besides being a convenient stop between you and the mountains, there are several reasons why Capilano Audi is a good choice for tire changes. “Simply put, we know your car best,” says Linsao. Not only does Capilano Audi have all the best equipment and factory-trained technicians, they offer the highest quality products, including major brands like Continental and Pirelli. Their one-hour tire installation includes a complimentary brake inspection and car wash. Capilano Audi also offers off-season tire storage options, making it that much more convenient to have your tires changed on site.

This past September, Capilano Audi opened its brand new off-site service facility that will make the customer experience even more seamless when stopping by for an oil change or a routine check up. Pick up and drop offs will continue to take place at the main showroom located at 813 Automall Drive in the Northshore Automall.