Producer/Supplier of the Year

Two Rivers Meat

180 Donaghy Ave.
North Van, 604-990-5288

Jason and Margot Pleym opened boutique butchershop Two Rivers when they noticed how few opportunities local farmers had to put specialty products into the marketplace. The couple were also motivated by the belief that consumers deserve to know where their food comes from; they were confident an “old-fashioned” (free-range, hormone-/antibiotic-free) approach to farming would pay off for the palette. The judges agreed. The Sidney Island wild venison at Bishop’s tastes fuller and more succulent. The Pemberton Meadows brasato al barolo from Cioppino’s has a deeper, rounder smack. (Margot’s father, Don Millerd, cofounded Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef.) Two Rivers also purveys award-winning Sloping Hill pork, game poultry Thiessen Farms, and a dozen other local boutique operations. The outfit is primarily wholesale, but for a large enough order they will cater to the individual. This is one time you might want to go whole hog.



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