Restaurant Awards 2022: Premier Crew

The front of the house superstars of 2022: meet our Premier Crew winners.

Introducing Our 2022 Premier Crew

Raise a glass to the front of house: the superstars who welcome the (sometimes awesome, sometimes not-so-pleasant) public into our restaurants, the folks who ensure our souls are just as taken care of as our stomachs.  But don’t take it from us—here’s what our 2022 Restaurant Awards judges had to say.

winners of the premier crew award for 2022
Pictured left to right: Kelcie Jones, Sidney Leung, John Ferrie, Claire Lassam, and Leagh Barkley; winner Miho Kataoka not pictured. Photo by Tanya Goehring.


Kelcie Jones, Sommelier, Elephant

“Kelcie’s depth and breadth of knowledge—not only when it comes to wine, but also literature, mycology and likely much more—is only part of the reason she is one of Vancouver’s best somms. Her passion for guiding customers and educating those in the industry is the perfect cork to an excellent vintage.” —judge Anya Levykh

Sidney Leung, General Manager, Landmark Hot Pot House

“Sidney Leung has been the general manager of Landmark Hot Pot, a bastion of the finest Cantonese-style hot-pot dishes, for well over 25 years. He is beloved by generations of diners, and his rapid-fire friendly banter and boundless energy keep one of the most raucous Chinese restaurants in Vancouver running with ease and efficiency.” —judge Lee Man

John Ferrie, Server, The Teahouse

“He might have racked up 43 years of waitering—20 of them at The Teahouse—but he’s a young, joyful spirit who connects with guests to give them a wonderful experience. John also received a Pride Legacy Award for his leadership in the gay community.” —judge Mia Stainsby

Claire Lassam, Chef and co-owner, Livia

“Ebullient and welcoming, Claire Lassam is the quintessential host. Her exceptional charm and grace fill Livia’s bustling room with warmth, playing no small part in making it a neighbourhood favourite.” —judge Joie Alvaro Kent

Leagh Barkley, Director of Restaurants and Bars, The Vancouver Club

“Leagh Barkley enhances the sense of occasion without pretension and yet with all the professionalism. His kindness, charisma and deep knowledge of wines make him one of the reasons to visit any room he works in.” —judge Mijune Pak

Miho Kataoka, Sommelier, Yuwa 

“Miho Kataoka—or Miho-san as she is affectionately called by Yuwa’s regulars—is an engaging and hospitable sommelier. She passionately shares her knowledge of sake, wine and food with an infectious enthusiasm. Miho’s graciousness toward all her guests is what makes each visit a memorable one!” —judge Sylvia Potvin



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