Restaurant Awards 2024, Editors’ Picks: Best Happy Hour in Vancouver

Our editors agree: this is where you'll find the city's best happy hour experience in 2024.

For the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, we introduced a very special new selection: Editors’ Picks, which highlight the rooms in the city that serve a specific purpose, in addition to having great food and service. 

Editors’ Pick: Best Happy Hour

This neon-lit little bar next door to Juke (a Best Fried Chicken finalist in our Readers’ Choice division, page 63) has a happy hour so good, we’d keep it to ourselves if we didn’t have “a dedication to our readers” or “journalistic integrity” or whatever. So, begrudgingly, we celebrate the Chickadee Room. From 4 to 6 p.m. every day—yes, including weekends—order your first happy hour cocktail and get two pieces of that crispy fried chicken for free. Value and imaginative drinks aside (so far this year they’ve mixed bevs inspired by Lana Del Ray and a cult fave Chinese horror comedy), this bar’s menu gives back to the community through feature drinks that give to local causes (think the Vancouver Black Library, Everywoman’s Health Centre and Environmental Youth Alliance)… and we’re extra happy about that.

The Chickadee Room
182 Keefer St.

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