“Unbuckled” brings cowboy-themed food, drink and fun to the heart of the city.

Summer is waning, but Vancourverites—long-suffering veterans in the war against sun deprivation—know how to wring every last drop of enjoyment out of the season before we plunge into rain and darkness for months upon months. To wit: this Saturday (Sept. 12), Brockton Baseball Diamond in Stanley Park becomes the scene for Unbuckled, a self-billed “ultimate backyard BBQ.” Styling itself after a full-bore Southern U.S. jamboree, attendees are encouraged (but by no means required) to be urban cowboys and cowgirls for the day: wear overalls, Daisy Dukes, a 10-gallon hat—hell, clench a wheat stalk in your teeth if it makes you feel the part. Ride a mechanical bull, join in with line dancing or a water-balloon toss, or gather a group together and compete in human foosball, relay races, tug-o-war, and more. Whether you participate in these shenanigans or simply cheer from the sidelines, you can eat your fill of traditional Southern favourites including long-smoked pulled pork and brisket, and two kinds of chili-topped taters (one of them vegan). Plenty to drink, too, of course. Tickets are selling fast, so snap yours up—and discover more of the day’s attractions—here. Unbuckled Saturday, Sept. 12, 2pm-7:30pm Tickets $30 and up Unbuckled.ca