2 Easy, Breezy Summer Hairstyles You’ve Got to Try

Vancouver stylist Jeannette Pastuch shares her favourite "done-undone" hairdos

Vancouver stylist Jeannette Pastuch shares her favourite “done-undone” hairdos

I’m not one to walk out the door with a mop of wet hair (pass the blow dryer and curling iron, please!), so the carefree, get-up-and-go summer lifestyle is sometimes a struggle. Yes, I want to maximize my time at the beach (and my time sipping cold beers on the patio), but I also want to look presentable in that effortlessly chic kind of way.Enter Jeannette Pastuch. The Suki’s Salon stylist has mastered what she calls the “done-undone” look of the season—and she’s giving Vanmag readers step-by-step instructions for two of her favourite styles (see below). “You’re doing more in the summer so you need something that can transition from day-to-day,” she says. A messy style is super versatile and isn’t effected by the elements as much as a sleek hairdo would be.Go ahead, make the most of summer’s end (and get out the door a few minutes early) with these two beach- or bar-friendly looks:

1. Braided Top Knot

Pastuch’s top knot combines three of today’s biggest hair trends—braids, buns and beachy waves—in one ultra-cool style. It’s perfect for days when you want to keep hair off your face without committing to a full up-do, says the stylist. “You don’t want to spend all morning doing your hair…. With a quick top knot, you’re good to go.”

How To

  1. Separate hair in a horseshoe section around the crown of the head. Secure bottom section with an elastic.
  2. Beginning near the forehead, French braid the top section.* Stop mid-way and secure with an elastic. Twist remaining hair into a bun.
  3. Gently pull pieces of hair out of the bun to make it appear fuller; use bobby pins to hold it in place.
  4. Finish with hairspray and let out the rest of your hair.

*Try simple twists—or completely ditch the detail—if braiding is too difficult. Just remember to add some volume.

Pro Tip

Use a texture spray to perfect those loose, beachy waves. “I’m huge on texture sprays right now,” says Pastuch (her favourite is Crêpage de Chignon by L’Oréal Professional).

2. Braided Bun

“Braids have been trending for a while now,” says Pastuch, so a more visible type, like this inside-out braid, is a great way to add some variety. An up-do like this is also great for keeping cool in the 25-plus degree weather that’s recently hit the streets of Vancouver: it keeps hair off your neck without sacrificing the playful texture.SummerHair_BraidedBun

How To

  1. Separate hair in a horseshoe section and divide into three even pieces.
  2. Cross alternate strands of hair under the centre strand to create a visible (inside-out) French braid. Add more hair to the braid with every cross. When all hair has been braided, secure with an elastic.
  3. Starting mid-way, gently pull on hair to loosen the braid.
  4. Grasp a small strand at the bottom of the braid and push the remaining hair upwards.*
  5. Pin into a low bun and finish with hairspray.

*Skip this step if you have short hair.

Pro Tip

This style can be as formal or informal as you want. Pull out some soft, face-framing pieces for a more casual look or slick it back (and “add a nice pair of earrings,” suggests Pastuch) for a fancier vibe.

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