The Case For: This New Skincare Line From One Of Our Restaurant Award Winners

Oddfish GM Miguel Quezada and partner Alicia Munro bring you Kōv.

The start of the pandemic presented all sorts of opportunities for re-invention: maybe I’ll learn Italian, maybe I’ll take up the clarinet, perhaps I’ll take a crack at solving cold fusion. For many of us, that whittled down to I think I’ll drink more and obsess over social media.

But not Miguel Quezada. Loyal readers will recall that Miguel was one of our Premier Crew Award Winners from our 2019 Restaurant Awards for his time at Savio Volpe and Pepino’s. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the westside mainstay Oddfish, where he’s been the amiable GM. And when Covid hit, Miguel was one of those who actually did something.

He and parter Alicia Munro had long had an interest in living a more natural life, using local products whenever possible, but they noticed that there was a gap translating these things to their skincare ritual. So they did something about it in the form of Kōv, their new brand launched with the following in mind:

Some people are for infinite growth. Some are for populating Mars. We’re for nature. From sand to sky, the friendly trees and the scary beasts. The lone wolf and the pod. We’re for sunshine naps, and nocturnal wandering. Prey drive, maternal instincts, and the wood wide web. We’re for conservation and biodiversity. Because we think the environment is pretty neat and want to spend our efforts to help it thrive. We think everything we do should put the environment first.

They’ve launched with a hand wash and a moisturizing lotion and both have the power to bring one back to all that’s great about the West Coast.

Both are available on their online marketplace here, and both can be refilled with a compostable pouch.