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2016 Body Workbook: your guide to Vancouver’s top cosmetic and medical professionals

Their arsenal of services wil help you fight the signs of aging, sun damage, stubborn weight and more

Their arsenal of services wil help you fight the signs of aging, sun damage, stubborn weight and more

Vancouver is a global leader in medical breakthroughs, and the aesthetic sector is no exception. Our city’s undeniable beauty doesn’t end with stunning cityscape, mountaintop and seaside views. A standard of beauty can be traced right down to the locals who are influenced by the healthy West Coast lifestyle, Hollywood of the North migration and gorgeous natural surroundings. These medical practitioners—ranging from surgeons to naturopaths and more—are at the forefront of their industries, providing the latest technologies and treatments to help Vancouverites be their very best.

3 Reasons to Consider CoolSculpting for Fat Loss

Sometimes diet and exercise just don’t quite do the trick. If you’re struggling with stubborn, unwanted fat Vancouver’s Medical Rejuevenation Centre suggests CoolSculpting—here’s why:1. Non-Invasive & Low Recovery | Inspired by the effects of popsicles on the insides of children’s cheeks, Cryolipolysis was developed to target fat cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting uses this fat-freezing technology to eliminate stubborn fat that proves resistant to diet and exercise. The result is a non-surgical weightloss solution with very minimal side effects: mild numbness, bruising and redness.2. Perfect for All Body Types | Everyone’s weightloss goals and body shapes are different. That’s why CoolSculpting is completely customized to each patient’s individual needs. Whether you are looking to get rid of love handles, inner thigh thickness or stubborn abdomen fat, CoolSculpting technology will provide fast, long- term results.3. Local Expertise | Dr. Robert Morell, Medical Director of the Medical Rejuvenation Centre in Vancouver, is a cofounder of Canada’s first Medical Aesthetics University Program, past board member for the Canadian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM) and founder of Di Morelli Skin Care cosmeceuticals. He and his team have administered thousands of CoolSculpting procedures safely and effectively.Book your complimentary one-on-one consultation today to learn if CoolScuplting is right for you, and set up a personalized treatment program with the experts at Medical Rejuevnation Centre.Logo_MedicalRejuvenation

Suite 701 – 1281 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver604.763.SKIN (7546) |

Q&A With Dr. Lauren Bramley

The Vancouver native talks about international clientele, West Coast influence and her new Whistler clinic.You studied in Canada, completed your residency in the United States, and are also licensed to practice in Australia. What made you choose Hong Kong as the location of your first clinic?My first job as a doctor was doing medical evacuations throughout Asia. An opportunity arose and I obtained my licence in Hong Kong where, due to the influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine is seen as more of an art than a treatment protocol. This remained my driving force as I completed fellowships in Anti-aging Medicine and a Masters Degree in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.Dr. Lauren Bramley, MDDr. Lauren Bramley, MDWhat inspired you to expand, and why to Whistler?People often ask why I chose to open a practice where people are already so healthy, but even the healthiest people are diagnosed with preventative diseases like cancer, diabetes, mental health issues and dementia. I would also like to even the playing field for Canadian athletes with the latest in performance and rehabilitation medicine. Lastly—I have to be honest—my family and I love to ski, and having grown up in Vancouver I’ve always particularly loved skiing at Whistler.What can patients expect from your new mountain-village location?The clinic will replicate the unique features of my Hong Kong practice; namely a wide range of pro-active medical treatments, in-house laboratory testing, customised nutritional supplements and access to compounded pharmaceuticals such as bioidentical hormones.To date we have a GP, an anti-aging focused urologist, a medical genomics consultant, a nutritionist, a sports medicine physician, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, an urgent care doctor, a psychologist and laser and aesthetic technicians. We also have a laboratory, pharmacy, lab technicians and a pharmacist all under the same roof.We will always strive to offer the very latest in medical treatments, including extensive medical platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies. As a vacation destination, I ultimately hope to stimulate medical tourism in Whistler.


The European Secret to Glowing Skin: Three Step Vitamin Infusion with Redensity

The European secret to glowing skin is out. Redensity is an award-winning, cost effective vitamin infusion therapy. An elegant balance between dermal filler and mesotherapy, Redensity’s pure Dermo-Restructuring Complex formula re-densifies the skin with eight amino acids, three antioxidants, two minerals, one vitamin and hydrating hyaluronic acid—all naturally present in the skin.Designed specifically to brighten dull complexions, microinjections are evenly spaced across the target area, restoring hydration, luminosity, elasticity, texture and tone to your face, neck and décolleté for a guaranteed natural result.This light filling treatment is excellent for anyone at any age who has noticed drawn features, loss of radiance, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. The complete process generally includes three treatments at three-week intervals. “Patients see a change after just one treatment, but the most exciting results appear one month after the final treatment,” says La Derma’s Helen Zambus.With corrective and preventative properties, Redensity is the ultimate all-ages skin revitalizer.Logo_LaDerma

706 – 1160 Burrard Street, Vancouver604.558.4556 |


Health and Beauty Together in One Place

Look good. Feel good. Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. False Creek Healthcare is a one-of-a-kind medical centre offering a full suite of health and beauty solutions under one roof. A full medical practice offers everything from family medicine and spinal surgery to advanced diagnostics, together with an extensive list of aesthetic treatments that will have you looking as good as you feel.False Creek Healthcare is known for its large team of cosmetic surgeons and its comprehensive variety of options in plastic surgery, cosmetic rejuvenation—think chemical peels, Botox®, and lip enhancement—and distinctive cosmetic gynaecology procedures, like labial contouring & vaginal rejuvenation.Thanks to a unique partnership with EVA Vein Care, you can say goodbye to varicose veins with minimally invasive treatments, while a partnership with SmartShape Weight Loss offers the clinically proven Lap-Band surgery for weight loss.Logo_FalseCreekHealthcare

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Say Goodbye to September Stress

The team at Yaletown Naturopathic understands the extra stressors that September tends to bring. “The combination of back-to-school and conference season means that we tend to deal with more stress and fatigue at this time of year,” says Dr. Reuben Dinsmore. “It can affect everything from our hormonal, nervous and digestive systems to our energy levels and performance at work.”Yaletown Naturopathic’s team of doctors, counsellors and a registered massage therapist work together to determine the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, which often include low energy, irritability, inability to concentrate, anxiety and recurrent illnesses. “We examine imbalances in the body, diet, allergies and lifestyle stressors through a variety of testing services, to determine what factors may be contributing to a patient’s individual health concerns,” says Dr. Kaleigh Coolsaet.Yaletown Naturopathic’s team features widely varied areas of expertise—a huge advantage to patients who require a combination treatment program to overcome their personal stressors. “We offer specialized testing, intravenous therapy, acupuncture, massage, holistic nutrition advice, botanical medicine and more onsite,” lists Dr. Adam McLeod, who explains that it keeps patients from having to chase different services around town. “We’re a team here and it really shows—not only in our patients’ quick recoveries but in their overall comfort and confidence at our clinic.”

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